Premium Prices and Pre Delivery Cashflow for Commodity Producers

Element share price jumped over 40% from NOK 1,15/share after conditional award of a Global Exclusive Licence for Iron and Nickel Commodity Segments October 27. 2017. We can help any Commodity Producer get substantially Higher Prices than Spot, due to our pat. pend. Mether™ Eternal Future with Eternal Call based on Blockchain technology.

Harmonychain in the media:

Mether™ is an Iron backed Metal-Ether.

Mether™ is a Iron Metal Futures Contract with physical delivery to the Owner of the Mether™, a Hard Asset Backed Ethereum Smart Contract. Mether™ offers security to its investors based decentralized Verification and Cryptography.

Mether™ will both Increase Revenues and Reduce Costs in the Metal Industry.

Value with safety net

The value of Mether™ has a price safety net as it can be exchanged for Metal.  As the price development of Bitcoin and Ether has demonstrated, there is Potential for Price Appreciation of Mether™.


The Blockchain can Identify the owner of every Mether™


Globally, over 20.000 Computer Nodes simultaneously running the Blockchain ensures Data Safety far exceeding Bank Firewalls. Read more

Mether™ Blockchain Details

Symbol Ticker:  MTH

Number of Mether™:  21 000 000  (like Bitcoin)

If you need assistance with the Mether™ address and JSON Interface, you may email to get the wallet Mether™ details. Please enclose ID, address and Ethereum Wallet Account number for Security and Verification purposes. Harmonychain received Trademark protection of Mether™ from Patentstyret (The Norwegian Industrial Property Office) in 2017.  Harmonychain has filed several patent applications currently pending protecting our IP rights with Patentstyret (The Norwegian Industrial Property Office) in 2017.

To watch and transfer your Mether™ holdings, you need to enter the Address function and the Watch function the first time you use your Encrypted Secure Wallet.